baby dumping issue in malaysia
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"8 babies a day are dumped in Malaysia"-NTV7

    babies are are the gift from the our creator for those who are lucky. but nowadays in magazine or newspaper,baby are dumped by those are not responsible.  who should be blamed on this issue? the girls? or the boys? 

  Based on Bukit Aman Police Headquarters statistics found a total of 780 babies were found dumped between year 2006 to 2012 in all state. this number of cases are increase every year where as much as 65 baby dumping cases has increased to 85 cases in the year 2012. in the first 5 months,almost everyday there are reports about dumped baby cases. you see it in television,a newborn baby found in a back alley. this scenario become more serious from day to day although there a lot of this in mass media.

   Mostly among teenagers were involved in this situations. teenage parent give birth in motel room and leave their child for dead in the dumpster. a girl gives birth in toilet then dumped the baby in the garbage and the baby dead. sometimes they dumped the innocent baby to the river and they are ate by dog or another wild animal. the baby are not guilty,so they not be punished as that.
     What actually lead this to be happened?. first,lack of parental guidance leads to baby dumping. sometimes parents are so busy and doesn't care bout the activities done by their children. so the children will do anything they want due to lack of attention from their parents.  besides,actually teenagers are not stupid to let themselves to sex all around. but because they want to try something new, they do the stupid thing. but if their parents tell to them the bad effect of being pregnant in young stages, definitely their children would not step into the serious problem.
         Then, poverty can cause baby dumping. teenagers does not work at their age so they doesn't have money to support themselves and the baby. so the best way for them is dumped their baby. besides, the perception of society who doesn't accept illegitimate child is one of the main reason of this dumpers to dump their babies. parent cannot accept if their daughter get pregnant because of wider culture of shame.
       Lastly,lack of knowledge which is sex knowledge or religious knowledge is the factor of contributing to baby dumped. sex knowledge is not about how to do sex but actually more to bad effect because of the relationship between gender which is could lead to social problem. while religious knowledge is importance so they will know which is right which is wrong.

     So the way to curb this issue become more worst is parental guiding. Parents should care more bout their children. yes,i know there are busy to find money, but at least spent their time to their children on weekend. this will prevent their children to social activities. besides, parents should give more attention, try to be the best friends to their child. parents should play a big role to teach their children good in their behavior. also parents should guide their children in making decision whether its right or not. 

  Then, in society, stop blaming only women for baby dumping,because all my heart goes out to all those innocent babies abandoned by their young mothers out of desperation. i do not believe the mother would has resorted to such a desperate act if their partner was there for her,if their parents forgave her, and if community showed some sympathy for her and her unborn child. Besides,there is  lot of houses that want the illegitimate baby such as "Rumah Harapan",Baby hatch and so on. 

    Finally, give teenagers so much knowledge whether in religious or sex knowledge. In school, teachers should mention to them about the bad effect of social activities which is can lead to baby dumping. then teachers should teach them how to protect themselves from the useless friends. remember, good friend will brings you to heaven. 

these some pictures of innocent babies,.people,let save them !

I think that's all from my entry this time. till we meet again. sorry for broken English..i am still learning :)



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