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Hi everyone. I want to share a story with you  about taboo in our Malay community.Before that,didi you know what is taboo?Well then,based on wikipedia, A taboo is a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake, under threat of supernatural punishment.In a short term,taboo is prohibited,disallow or forbidden.So,now you have understand,right.Ok let’s proceed with my story.
     If you still remember,too many taboos that has been presented to us, especially when we were children. As a child, I always wondered whether the prohibition is true or plot. Before puberty at that time, I certainly will not be able to know the truth. But the more I mature, I almost find the answer. But I am not sure whether the answer is true or merely hypothetical.
     Among the common taboo I have heard are as follows:

     “Do not point finger towards the rainbow, the consequences of your finger will be crippled”. O Allah! I have heard horror. If I noticed about the existence of the rainbow, I will soon hide the finger into the pocket. But I think that the prohibition was made because our ancestors worried because rainbow appears indicating drizzle. So if we drabble rain, we’ll fever. Correct?It seems true,right?

     There are also my grandmother who say, “do not sit on the pillow, that’s  infected boils around the anus”. It sounds very strange. Since I was very stubborn, I have dared to experiment. Without feeling guilty, I was sitting on a pillow several times to accept the alleged curse. Cis! No boil grow at all! Farenova been duped again. But then I realize now, use pillows to lay the head, not the anus. If we sit on the pillow, pillow will result smelling anus. Correct?Hahaha,it is a very funny taboos.

     There are also old people say, “do not open an umbrella in the house, or  the snake will enter the house”. About this taboo is still confused and I am stuck to find the answer. Ah .. I do not know what the rationale behind it. But I think there may be a sharp corner on the umbrella in case of negligence which may puncture the eye. Don’t you agree?It sounds logic in my mind.

      Ok.There is also forbidden taboo that it sounds very prank. It sounds like this, “girls who are not married cannot sing in the kitchen, as feared would be delayed marriage”. Perghhhhh … Very terrible and obsessive thought all girls,right? As a precaution, many girls afraid to sing in the kitchen. They decided to sing in the toilet, they bark with emotions and think of themselves is like Siti Nurhaliza. I took a long time to find the answer. But on this day there may be truth to the assumption that I have derived.From my opinion, when girls singing in the kitchen, there is a possibility they will be splashed saliva into the dish or food in the pot. It only just the puzzle. If you have a more accurate answer, please  share with me.But still,I myself likes to sing while cooking in the kitchen.Hahaha.

     Actually too much taboos and customs that do not make sense can be found in the traditions of our society,but behind the trickery in the forbidden taboo, there are many lessons we can learn from it .Our ancestor’s education methods may differ, they do not like to tell accurately about the consequences. They prefer intimidating so we do not make mistakes. Effects and consequences will be explored slowly, in line with increasing age. In conclusion, taboo and tradition in our society seems to resemble the teachings of error, but actually implied a very valuable lesson.Ok guys,I hope you will entertained with my entry.See you soon.Thank you for reading.


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