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impoliteness or also known as rude is a display or disrespect by not complying with social etiquette of a group or culture. As example,smoking in public,not giving seat for those who are needed,shout you friend's name in the public,drug abuse and others. now lets focus on our topic which is IMPOLITENESS AMONG YOUTH.

  The picture above shows some of youth nowadays show their impoliteness through action.actually what contribute them to this kind of problem? from my view, actually they are lack of  affection from their parents. this because a way of courtesy should be taught to children since they are in home from they were kids. besides,parents should show their good manner in front of their kids because kids learn from what they are see. if parents show the improper manner,this also can contribute to impoliteness. thus,the act will 'inherited'to their kids as they thought it is a fine to do that. in addition, parents actually lack of courage to scold their children when they do wrong because of the word 'love'. this actually cannot be happen.yes i know, which parents doesn't love their kids, but because of this,their kids dare to be impoliteness.
     my second point,the factors of impoliteness among youth is peer influence. youngster actually tried to mimicking their friends behaviour so then they will look good and powerful among them. they have their own group or actually their own 'gang' to show to others that their group are powerful. kids nowadays only thinks about their fun but they don't think about others feeling.as example,this happened to me actually, when i am waiting for a bus then a group of kids came and chase me from the bus stop. i just shaking my head besides thinking what will happen to the next generation.
      But,i actually put most of the concern on media. they actually play a big role to youth because most of the youngster spend their times watch television,surfing Internet and others. in a film as example, the director wants to expose what are reality of nowadays, but in fact they are the caused of politeness depravity indirectly. 

   This is the statistic about social problem in Malaysia.

these pictures show impoliteness among youth nowadays.

this activity can be prevent by giving them religious education,give them some attention, and also give them some advises when they do something wrong. i think that's all from me.till we meet again. sorry for my broken English. i am still learning.. (:   bye


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