My Childhood Life
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  Hey!!.Who is the cute baby in the picture above?.What are you saying just now?.Cute?.*blushing..Haha!.Please guess friends.First clue, the baby is a girl.

Siti:Okay,let's me guess.She is Syafa.
Writer:Oh.no.. no..hehe..next?
Ahmad:Hah!.I know!.Witt!I'm right?
Writer:.Haha..tettt...It's wrong..The answer is.....it's me.Arifa=)..Hehehe

  Okay.Let's move on the topic.Why I put those picture?.The 19 years ago picture of me?.Haha.My dearest reader,of course I will put my cute picture above because.....hey..just look on the tittle of entry.It is about 'My Childhood Life' .Oh,it's such a wonderful life ever after.I really love my childhood life where I do not care about homework, assignment, study, problems, and so on.I am free with those things that is making my brain burst and makes me crazy.Ohh,it's too much Arifa.Enough.Enough.Haha.*this is too annoying.

  What is a childhood?.Childhood is the time for children to be in school and at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and an extended community of caring adults

  Childhood is free from cares.There are no duties and responsibilities on the shoulders of a child.A child lives in a bliss an ignorance and innocent.Really as Wordsworth says,"Heaven lies about us in our fancy".The memory of these good days makes me happy.But,wait a minute.What is the memory that had my days happy during my childhood?.There are a thousands of memories which I can't write all in this entry.Hey,there is no enough space for me.The story is too long.

   When I was about 1 to 3 years old, my mum said I did not like a yellow colour.If i'm not mistaken I was angry with my mum  and cried because she bought me a yellow colour of 'baju kurung' for raya.

  Addition, I not often stay in my own house which my neightbour will always picked up me to their house and looked-after me like their own daughter or sister.

  Besides, they love me so much as I'm their own family.Futhermore, when I was young and until now, I love travelling.Hehe.This is because my uncle and my auntie always bring me to travel somewhere.So,on 9 years old I have been travel almost all coutry in Malaysia such as Pulau Pinang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Langkawi, Perlis,Johor, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Pahang.

  When I was six years old,I was sent to a kindergarten called "Tadika Kemas".I have made many friends and until now I still remember them.There was many memories with them that still fresh in my minds.The one that I really can't forget is the moments when I and the other two friends was scolded with our's teacher and I still remember her name which is teacher Hanim because she blame us prick the malaysia flag sticker with pencil on the small whiteboard.Since that moments,I really hate the teacher because we did not prick the sticker.I was very angry with her on that time.Haha.Pity on me right.But,why must us being scolded?.Hah.This is because we are always being the last kids going home.=P

   I remember it like yesterday.The minutes felt like hours. There are not at all the childhood life of me is good memories.For me such as eleven years old kids on that day,I had understand what is dead.Yes,when I was a kids I have my own sad memory which is watching my grandfather passed away.It is already 8 years ago, I can still remember receiving the phone call from my uncle, my mother letting out a distraught cry that my grandfather was in hospital. My first reaction was shock and confusion. I just couldn’t understand what had happened. 

  My grandfather being warded in ICU for a weeks.The doctor didn’t tell us much, but he informed us that there was no chance and maybe my grandfather will ended his breath on this thursday. That was not all we really needed but as a Muslim we have to accept the destiny that ALLAH SWT have plans.So we all family had make an agreement together to bring my grandfather went home.It was too sad seeing him landing on the bed without any movement.He just drink a cup of milk through his nose.My tears drop easily seeing him.Only ALLAH SWT knows what I felt.A Day by day,my grandfather situation getting worse.At 4.20 a.m.,my auntie woke me up from sleeping.

Auntie:Najla,wake up.
Me:why auntie?
Autie:Your grandfather has passed away.

  I think it's enough of story my childhood life before my tears drop like a waterfall.This is not interesting life for the readers,but for me all the moments what I have shared with you above is the important events in my childhood life.Thank You.

What do you think of kids’ space nowadays? 

  I was looking at some old picture . The me when I was baby , when i was like 2 or 3 years old , the me with those kindergarten uniform as a water bottle shape like a handphone hanged on my neck .

  It's make me wonder . Those time , there is no ipad , or iphone and what I had was a bear and friend that constantly tease me for being dirty . And then now , kids with same age as me before , know facebook , dota and whatever that me don't even know . I just wonder , will they learn how to play 'galah panjang' , 'baling selipar' or dirty their hand playing with 'tanah liat' . 

Those time was priceless . And now , when we're getting older , we miss it even more .



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