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   "I am the greatest". A very simple yet strong word said by the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali had always inspired me to be the most excellent person in the field. My name is Nor Arifa Najla Binti Ahmad Zawawi and I am 19 years old. I was born on 7th February 1994.I live in Perak and I was study in Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (hons) In Food at UniKL MICET, Melaka. For me, to be able standing at this level is by receiving the thorough education available. "A thousand mile journey starts with a single footstep". My footstep is symbolised at the first moment i laid eyes on this beautiful and vivid world. My journey does not end here. It is never ending process.

   Being the first daughter child in my family, it is must for me to set good examples. Yes, a really good on, to be followed by my other one younger brother and one younger sister. My first years school experiences at Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan has moulded me into an all-rounded person, I believe that academics are important, but leadership instincts and good personalities are essential too. Then, I continued my studies at Kolej Matrikulasi Perak for a year. I am neither a bookworm nor a nerd, I am a true leaner.

   Involving in engineering field was not actually my early ambition. As a naive kid,the desire to be a dietitians was definitely there. But as I grew up, I realised that I love to join in outdoor activities and associating in engineering field would be a great choice. I realised that this is a duty of noble respect and I need to work very hard to accomplish my vision and a national mission.

   As a student, it is must for us to have an ambition or wishes. Thus, I wish to be a good engineer and I will be one. The key to nail it is having the flexibility to remain focused and self-possessed in fast paced, demanding environment which I believed I can embody it. What is important to me is that I believed I can do it no matter what challenge comes to me. If others can do, what can't I?.Ir. Nor Arifa Najla and "I am the greatest".

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credit to Muhammad Ali

  Hi,i am Nurul Wahida bt. Abd Aziz. i'm from Bentong, Pahang and i was the least from 6 siblings. I have always wanted to make my own blog but i don't have any  luck because i'm too busy studying. before i further my study in UNIKL,i studied in Pahang Matriculation College. actually,before i decided to further my study in UNIKL,I've got offered from research university in Malaysian Science University (USM) and Malaysian Putra University (UPM. my course in UPM is Science and Environment but i turned it down because the course is not my cup of tea. Haha. while in USM,I've got Science with Educational course. as we know,if we are choose educational course,first,we have to go for an interview. I've passed the interview,simply because i'm too afraid of teaching also i am too worried to educate someone,my future students-to-be,i reject that offer. i know everyone will think i make a big mistake,but its okay. hehe. although USM is one of my favorite university. my friend condemn on me because i let go this opportunity.  but just one quote i put in my heart,along of this tough journey and making a big decision because this is about my future,

so,i decided to choose  UNIKL MICET due to my passion and love towards food ad also chemistry.i never regret to be one of UNIKL students. Because here,i know what is life,i met new friends especially my classmate. they are my soul,my heart also my spirit.i love them because of Allah and i do.thanks Allah for those precious moment.
lastly,believe in Allah or god,you will be able to go through this tougher journey. also,believe yourself,and miracle will happened.

     Nineteen years ago,I came bounding into a world of love and laughter.I was the first child,the first grandchild,the first nephew and the primary focus of my entire family.I came into this world on 12th March 1994.My parent decided to gave me this beautiful name,Nur Assyafa binti Muhamad Aini.My family and I lived happily in a small town in Taiping,Perak.I grew up with opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth, secure in the knowledge that I was loved, free from fear, and confident that my world was close to perfect.My parent are teachers,so they always advice me to do well in my studies.Since I was the eldest child in my family,I had 3 cheeky younger brothers and  a naughty cute younger sister.
     I experienced the biggest changed in my life when i was 13 years old.After graduated with UPSR with 5A’s,I got the opportunity  to further my studies in a boarding  high school,meaning that I have to live in the hostel,apart from my beloved family.At first,it seemed to be stranged and unusual,but after a month or so,it becomes normal for me.Studying in this school and hostel  life seemed very interesting for me as it taught me to be independence in such a young age.I studied harder to get good results in examination,plus I did not forget to balance  my daily routine such as involved in load of activities like playing basketball with friends and also club activities.
     Thank God,I got 9A’s in PMR.I was really grateful that my effort was a worth.After that,I promised to do better in SPM so that I can pass with flying colours.Somehow,my day became even more challenging without I realized it.I became busier with more responsibilities ,club and co-curricular activities,plus I am a prefect in my school.Believe it or not,I am an English Debator of my school.We are the champion for district level.Even we lost in state level,I was really happy to have such experienced.It really taught me to enhance my self-esteem and I found incredible inspiration to stench  bound of my knowledge.
     However,my busier and hectic daily life had changed my schedule.I sometimes had no time to study,to rest and even to get enough sleep.It really makes me worry as the day of SPM examination was nearly around the corner.My final year in high school became very stressful for me as I had to study harder and harder because my grade kept falling down.But still,I never want to quit from struggling in studies.I decided to try my very best  and my principle  is always to try till the last minutes of my effort.
       Finally after a few months,my result came out.Unfortunately,I did not get straight A’s.My result was not very good and it really makes me feel down and lost hope but then I realized,there is no way sadness and frustrated can solve any problems.I would like to change my point of view and wake up to became a new person.I told myself that I want to succeed,so matter what happened along this journey,nothing can stop me.I deciced to further my studies in matriculation college and promised to do well so that I can fulfill my dream to become a chemical engineer since I love chemical research and studies very much.

     After graduated from matriculation college,I got the opportunities to further my studies in degree level in university.I was really grateful that my dream comes true.Finally,I got the course that I want so much,Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.I promised not to let go of this opportunities.The way I experienced hardship after all this while really help tremendously the way I think of my life and contributing to build a strong-hearted me.Sometimes I had a hard times since there are a lot of challenges as well,but even so,I tried to look at a positive side because I know,it is not an easy way to succeed. I want to make my parents happy and proud to have me.I am responsible to lead the successness of my younger brothers and sister.I want to keep inspired them,inspired other people that no matter what happened in our life,how many failure we have experienced,do not even once think to stop.
      I feel that I am at the perfect place right now and how exactly what I want from my future years in university.Now when I asked myself,”what do you think will happen to you in the next four years?”,I only smile,and know that I am ready for anything.I am a future chemical engineer,may Allah ease everything.


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